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Shading wood, steel or corten

The shading , also called brisesoleil , arise from the continuing search for Albero Maestro , according the company need to be in step with the times ensuring the customer the widest range , with the corporate philosophy and , therefore , respecting the environment

The sunblind  they are made with wooden slats and represent one of the most popular and advanced stylistic choices in the contemporary architectural scene. The product is flexible and is easily adapted to the various types of building , integrating itself communicates with the architecture.sunblind They represent not only a choice of style , but also a safe solution to the damage coming from excessive sun of houses and buildings.

This particular architectural element has a well-established tradition : Le Corbusier was the first to use the sunshades ( brisesoleil ) in the second half of the twentieth century by placing them in a systematic way in the construction of its buildings . sunblind suitable for any type of building.

The sunblind also they allow to protect any type of building without damaging the environment ; sunblind is in fact one of the most appreciated aspects of this simple architectural element.


All sunscreens made ​​by Albero Maestro are made only with quality wood!